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There are four benefits to integrating your online payroll system and HR software

There are four benefits to integrating your online payroll system and HR software Separating payroll processing from HR would be a mistake. While some organizations have their own payroll teams to manage payroll operations, these teams work closely to ensure accurate data is used for payroll processing. Many organizations are shifting to cloud-based HR technology in order to […]

The Complete Online Toolkit to Help Your Business Grow

The Complete Online Toolkit to Help Your Business Grow It is true that a business or company is only as good its employees. The novel coronavirus is threatening the foundation of the workforce, changing the work landscape and changing the way we do business. Individuals and businesses alike are finding innovative solutions to meet market demands as […]

Adobe Forecasts Continued Supply Chain Issues and Record Online Sales

Adobe Analytics has released its most recent holiday shopping forecast. The analytics firm predicts record online sales, even though supply chain challenges continue to be a challenge for retailers. In a Wednesday press release, Patrick Brown, vice-president of growth marketing and insight at Adobe said that “We’re entering another holiday season where the influenza pandemic will […]

How to use subscriptions to generate recurring revenue for your online store

Recurring revenue. Monthly revenue. Passive income. Continuity. Subscriptions. Each of these labels has the same goal: to build a solid foundation for business income every month. It doesn’t matter what you call this, it feels great getting paid every month without the need to make another sale. Industries have been inspired by the benefits of recurring income to their businesses. […]

How to create effective navigation for your online store

Good navigation systems make it easier for customers to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. It also improves your store’s overall success. Your website has only a few seconds of attention to grab visitors’ attention. You need to guide them to the right information as soon as possible! Your customers’ ability find the right products can […]

How your offline business can start selling online quickly

Many businesses are unable to do business offline so it is more important than ever that they have an online presence. It’s essential to keep customers informed, increase revenue (especially if you have a closed storefront), and offer new services such as virtual pickup scheduling or virtual services. You don’t have much time or money to do […]

How to add online ordering to your restaurant website

Your restaurant’s online ordering is more important than ever. A recent survey showed that 33% (of consumers) said they are getting more takeout now than they did before the pandemic. 13% stated they will continue to rely upon off-premises dining even after the epidemic ends. You’re missing out if your restaurant does not have an online ordering platform. […]

Dashboard: Cloud-Based Online Sales Management Software

Dashboard OSMThis innovative cloud-based software solution is designed for small and medium-sized online retailers. Howard Hirsch and Mike Kulczyckyj, the founders of their company, started it as an online retailer selling on Amazon, EBay and their own site. Their company grew and they discovered that there weren’t any software programs available to fulfill all their needs as […]

Cyber Security Advice for Online Retailers

Some very high-profile cyber-attacks on ecommerce and retail have hit the news in 2015. British shoe company Office reported at the beginning of 2015 that their systems had been breached, potentially affecting millions. Premera Blue Cross, a healthcare insurance provider, revealed the extent of their hack in March. It had affected over 11 million customers’ information, including […]

Future-proof your online business with these 3 insights about brand websites

2020 was a year for accelerated adoption. Consumers have turned to digital to fulfill more of their daily needs, despite restricted mobility and more people staying at home. With many people now using digital services for their first time, and over 90% of users saying that they will continue using these services in the future, it is more important than […]