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Shipping Methods and Fulfillment: Everything you Need to Know

One of the most important aspects of the customer experience is the delivery of products. Customers expect to pay the least shipping cost, receive their orders quickly and receive all their goods in perfect condition. Shipping doesn’t need to be difficult despite the many moving parts. Let’s look at some common terms for shipping: carriers, methods and […]

The Shipping Guide for eCommerce Stores

You’ve crossed the finish line when someone clicks on the “purchase” button. It’s almost. To keep customers coming back for more, you will need seamless shipping. This guide will help you determine the best strategy to delight customers throughout the sales funnel. Shipping methods and carriers Let’s start with the most commonly used shipping terms: carriers and […]

Six Ways to Lower Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

Six Ways to Lower Shipping Costs for Small Businesses How can a small company compete with Amazon in shipping? Shipping rates rise each year, but big brands seem to get better shipping discounts. Every ecommerce business must deal with shipping. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company, shipping is something you must do well […]

How to Reduce Ecommerce Shipping Costs

Plans and ideas to decrease shipping cost appeal to most every ecommerce merchant. We recently spoke with John Haber, founder and CEO of Spend Management Pros , a shipping and logistics consulting company, about ways for merchants to reduce their shipping costs. Practical eCommerce: How do merchants know if they’re overpaying for shipping? John Haber:“One […]

The Future of Regulated Mail, and Ecommerce Shipping

People do not write letters nowadays. They send emails. From the U.K., this has generated big changes in the state-owned Royal Mail. These changes have enormous consequences for internet retailers there. In the U.S., the Postal Service is beginning to follow suit. In this guide, I will describe changes to Royal Mail and look at […]

MasterCard Enters Free Shipping Fracas

Global payment company MasterCard announced that its customers will get free, two-day shipping from five of the Internet’s top retailers. MasterCard also offered a premium service which extends the complimentary, two-day delivery supply to other online merchants. MasterCard joins American Express and PayPal in offering customers free, two-day shipping choices at select online retailers. Earlier […]

Please Begin shipping internationally

Our international requests represent approximately 15 to 20 percent of our earnings. That’s huge. We achieved this level of success through an assortment of simple approaches, which I will outline below. But before I delve into these details, it is important to see why you need to tackle the intricacies of international delivery. Namely, market […]