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Edge Technology: The Heartbeat of the Store of the Future

While online retail is growing in popularity among consumers, physical retail will still account for the majority of sales. Recent research has shown that physical retailers will continue to account for 80 percent of global sales by 2025. This is a sign that consumers still value brick-and-mortar shops. If physical retailers are to meet these expectations, however, they […]

Nordstrom Expands Inventory-Free Local Store Concept

Nordstrom plans to open smaller stores that have no inventory. Nordstrom announced Monday that it will expand its existing stores in New York City, just ahead of its investor meeting. Nordstrom opened its first Nordstrom Local store in Los Angeles during the fourth quarter of last year. It covers approximately 3,000 square feet and features a nail salon […]

Macy’s Announces Store Closures and Job Cuts as Part Of A 3-Year Growth Strategy

Macy’s Tuesday announced a three-year growth strategy. It includes plans to close 125 stores that are least productive and reduce 2,000 corporate jobs, reports CNBC. The retailer will close its San Francisco, Lorain, OH, and downtown Cincinnati offices. It will consolidate its headquarters to New York City. The Polaris strategy is the company’s turnaround plan. It aims to make […]

How to use subscriptions to generate recurring revenue for your online store

Recurring revenue. Monthly revenue. Passive income. Continuity. Subscriptions. Each of these labels has the same goal: to build a solid foundation for business income every month. It doesn’t matter what you call this, it feels great getting paid every month without the need to make another sale. Industries have been inspired by the benefits of recurring income to their businesses. […]

How to create effective navigation for your online store

Good navigation systems make it easier for customers to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. It also improves your store’s overall success. Your website has only a few seconds of attention to grab visitors’ attention. You need to guide them to the right information as soon as possible! Your customers’ ability find the right products can […]

How to set up a new WooCommerce store

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of a number of factors when opening an online shop. Some of these, like creating products and designing a marketing strategy, can be difficult and time-consuming. WooCommerce makes it easy to add eCommerce functionality to WordPress sites. We will show you how to set up WooCommerce and get your store online. If you’re […]

COVID-19 Store Operations: Employee Health & Safety Q&A with the CDC

It can be difficult to reopen and operate your business after the pandemic. The guidelines change every day. Safety and employee health are top priorities. The following are COVID-19 frequently asked questions posted by the CDC. What can I do if my employee has COVID-19 symptoms? COVID-19 symptoms are a fever, shortness of breath, and cough. These symptoms should […]

Google Purchases Pointy to Electricity”See what Is in store’ inventory feature

Google Announced It Is Acquiring Pointy, An Irish Retail Startup Firm, Which Lets Users Assess Stores For Stock Availability By Letting”Local Retailers Bring Their Product Inventory Online.” Peter Chane, Senior Director, Local SMB Products, Stated In The blog post: Among the challenges small merchants face is getting their store stock information online in a means […]