The Most Strange Business Certifications

The Most Strange Business Certifications

Are you tired of your cubicle job? Do you want to change careers or do something more exciting than writing in the office?

You are lucky that the path to a new job is not paved with years of corporate ladder climbing or countless hours spent in school. You can get online business certifications in everything, from beer judge to servant leader, that will open up new career opportunities.

The rising cost of higher education is partly responsible for the rise in online certifications. CNBC reports that traditional college tuition has more than doubled over the past 20 years. This makes online classes, which are often cheaper and more convenient, even more attractive. Online educational platforms such as Udemy or Coursera now offer a variety of certifications that will help you grow your career.

Each new certification provider must offer something unique in order to maximize the public’s interest and revenue. We decided to search the internet to find the most unique business certifications in 2019. The certifications must be online-only, cover non-traditional business topics, and prepare the person for a specific job, for-profit or not.

The Most Bizarre Business Certifications in 2019

These are 12 of the strangest business certifications you can get in 2019.

1. Beer Judge Certification

Provider: BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program)
Entry Exam and Competition Registration Fee: $40

Beer Judge Certification

Beer drinkers are likely to consider themselves beer judges. But now, you can become a certified beer judge by passing an exam. Although this certificate won’t make you a cicerone (a certified beer buyer or server), it will prove that you are knowledgeable about beer.

This certification is for beer lovers who have at least some knowledge of beer. First, you must pass a 200-question qualifying exam that lasts 60 minutes. You will be eligible to take the beer judge certification program after passing the qualifying exam. This will give you the ability to rate beer based on everything from aroma and mouthfeel, to appearance and style.

2. 2.

Provider Pokemon
Price: 299

Pokemon Professor Certification

To become a professor, you need a Ph.D. and thousands of dollars. You might be wrong. An online certification can make you a Pokemon Professor for just $299. What is a Pokemon Professor? These Pokemon Professors are fun-loving educators who organize, judge, and lead fun events for Pokemon enthusiasts. This course will teach you how to host, judge, and organize Pokemon Play competitions and events.

There are two types of certifications available: judge and organizer. This means that there is something for everyone. Although this certification won’t get you a promotion or raise, it can help you network and make new friends. You may also gain experience organizing and hosting events which could be useful for many other professional positions.

3. 3.

Provider: Imagine Spirit

Psychic Certification Course

People who see their future as a new career are likely to be able to pursue a more lucrative job or even a clairvoyance career. The certification course is offered by Imagine Spirit and offers 12 lessons as well as resources for starting a psychic business. You think it sounds funny? You might be wrong. According to Payscale, the average psychic makes $98 an hour. Some earn six figures per year.

Students can learn to communicate with spirit guides, make contact with Guardian Gatekeepers, take photos of the dead, and hold seances for $199. Additional topics include how to rescue earthbound spirit and manage chakras.

4. Certified Happiness Coach

Provider: Happiitude
Price: $1.050

Happiness Coach Certification

You’ve heard of life coaches. But what about a happiness coach. Anyone can become a Certified Happiness coach for $1,050, and six three-hour-long, online sessions. This course won’t teach happiness, so it’s not the best option for anyone looking to replace antidepressants. It will however teach you how to coach others towards happiness–and, as Payscale suggests, you could earn around $70,000 annually.

This certification is useful for those in human resources. Workplace mental health is becoming more important. This program is also useful for managers and business owners who want to improve the workplace’s happiness. This program offers a variety of methods to teach happiness and implement happiness initiatives in the workplace. It will help increase productivity and employee retention.

5. Baby Shower Party Planning

Provider: International Open Academy
Price: $133.50

Baby Shower Party Planner Certification

Never before has anyone been more obsessed with keeping up with Joneses (or Kardashians). This cultural climbing has made party planning a big business, including baby shower planning. Celebrities have held extravagant baby showers that cost well over $100,000. Now, people with more money are throwing bigger-than-life showers complete with a designated baby shower planner.

This program is ideal for people who love event-planning and babies. The training covers everything you need to know about event planning, from selecting party themes to scheduling events, and how to market yourself. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the event planning industry will grow by 11% between 2011 and 2026. There will always be baby showers, so maybe it is time to start your baby shower planning business.

6. Servant Leadership Certification

Provider: Cornell University Online
Price: $3,000.

Servant Leadership Course from Cornell Online

Although you may not believe that Ivy League educations are for servant leaders, they are. Cornell University offers a certificate in Servant Leadership. This program teaches leaders how they can be servants (read: support) to their teams, rather than top-down managers. The program is a substantial $3,600 and takes 40 hours. However, it’s well worth the investment for C-level executives who want to build relationships with their employees and encourage their teams to grow.

Students say the program helps managers become more thoughtful and considerate leaders while inspiring trust, respect, and cooperation. The Ivy League provider makes it a proud certification and you can hang the certificate on your office wall.

7. 7.

Provider: New Skills Academy
Price: 299

Body Language Certification

You think you are good at reading people? You might be, but it’s possible that you aren’t. A body language certification could help you prove your abilities. New Skills Academy offers a free online course of 15 hours. This program will teach you how to understand and read body language, and apply it in your professional and personal lives. It’s well worth the effort, as Psychology Today estimates that 55% of communication occurs nonverbally.

What do they teach at New Skills Academy then? How to read body language and recognize lies and deceit. Although the certification in body language may not directly apply to management or human resources jobs, it can have a significant impact on professional lives. How often have you wished that you could read your boss’ body language to avoid an escalated situation?

8. 8.

Provider Twitter
No Cost

Twitter Flight School Certification

We have the next best thing for you if you don’t qualify to fly with the Air Force. You’ll learn how you can create and manage Twitter video ads. It’s not quite as thrilling as flying an F-16. But it’s close. Although pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is no longer relevant for Instagram and Facebook, Twitter’s PPC platform has seen great growth in 2016. This gives social media gurus an enormous opportunity to fly.

Flight School is a simple program that teaches people how they can maximize their Twitter advertising ROI. Although the title may sound a little silly, it’s a useful certification for digital marketing and advertising professionals. A Flight School certification is a great way to give marketers an edge over others in these highly saturated fields and also help newcomers take flight.

9. How to Maximize your Tips in the Service Industry Certification

Provider: New Skills Academy
Price: 299

Learn How To Earn More Tips Course

Tipping at work doesn’t require you to be a server at a restaurant or bartender. Tips are common in many service-based businesses from hair salons and plumbing companies. According to GovDocs, over three million Americans relied on tips for income in 2014. The New Skills Academy offers a $299 course that will help service entrepreneurs double their income.

This program may be the perfect option for you if you are looking to make more money. It teaches you how to give better service, recover from service failures and how to interact with customers to increase tipping. This online course will teach you how to give high-quality service so that customers tip you more.

10. 10.

Price:Varies but up to $1,000

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification

It sounds a lot of work to set your company back up to $1,000 in order for you prove that it is a disadvantaged enterprise. There is a reason why certification is required. It helps companies get contracts with companies that are committed to diversity. They also have an attractive credential that they can share with potential customers.

This certification does not require any coursework. It is evidence that your company is a minority business in some way. Many businesses are eligible, including those that are owned by women, veterans, minorities, or members of the LGBT community. All could profit financially and professionally from Disadvantaged Enterprise Certification.

11. Vlogging Certification

Provider: New Skills Academy
Price: 299

Vlogging Certification from New Skills Academy

Virtually everyone wants to become a vlogger. Many have launched their own YouTube channels. Forbes reports that there are 13 YouTube millionaires, with the highest earner earning approximately $12 million per year. People are eager to be vloggers with such potential, and are willing to pay $299 to learn more.

Some may wonder why anyone would pay for certification to be a vlogger, when there are so many videos on the subject all over YouTube. Instead of learning patchwork techniques, the certification program covers all aspects of vlogging, from equipment and editing to promotion and monetization. Although most people will attempt to learn the art of vlogging from scratch, it is best to learn from the mistakes and wisdom of others.

12. 12.

Provider: New Skills Academy
Price: 299

Rideshare Driving Certification

Everyone with a car seems to be interested in ridesharing. Garrett Camp, Uber’s cofounder, stated that there were 15,000,000 Uber rides per day globally as of 2017.

This is a lot of drivers. A rideshare driving certificate can be a great way to earn extra income if you have a reliable vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

This program allows drivers to stand out in a highly competitive field. This program covers everything, from how to interact and get better reviews to how to interact with different types of passengers. You will also learn how to manage ridesharing more strategically, streamlining rides and schedules, as well as how to streamline routes.

Bottom line

Online certifications are becoming more affordable due to the rising cost of traditional higher education. This boom has created new online-only courses providers that are vying for the title of the best education provider in the digital age. We were prompted to look into the best certifications available today, many of which have strange applications. They all promise some degree of personal or professional growth.