Threekit and Lindsey Scoggins Studio: Enhancing UX through AR and VR

AR and VR can bring your experiences to life. Marc Uible (VP Marketing and Alliances, Threekit) and Lindsey Scoggins (Founder and CEO, Lindsey Scoggins Studio), discuss how AR and VR can be used to create real-world user experiences.

Learn why digital innovation is hot in a post COVID world and how Lindsey Scoggins Studio transforms their customers’ experiences with personalized products.

Podcast Episode 3 of The Make It Big Podcast

Taylor Stockwell How do you distinguish between AR and VR.

Mark Uible: Augmented reality is putting objects in the same space you see. You can still see your office if your phone is held up. As if you were going to take pictures, you can now place items in the scene. Most notable is Pokemon GO the video game. If you want to capture Pikachu you will see Pikachu running around your office.

You can put on a headset to experience virtual reality. It is completely immersive and it may not have anything to do the office you are in. You could be in a forest. [AR] is slightly immersive, versus fully immersive with Virtual Reality em>

TSLindsey: What was your experience before Threekit? And what factors influenced you to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal of creating scalable, one-to-one experiences for others?

Lindsey Scoggins said: “I had seen other jewelers try to use this rendering app and kind of a ‘build your own’ application. Ecommerce 1.0 was for the jewelry industry. You can pick this and that, then we’ll put it together for you, assemble it for your shipment, and then we’ll ship.

“I can remember that when I started, I used to call former managers for advice. They would ask me, “How do you scale custom?” I would reply, “I’m not sure yet, but it’s something I know I’ll figure out.” Right now, I have the luxury to take a bit of time and figure out the scaling opportunities. This is not a new concept.

“My hesitation in doing the same thing was that it felt like tech was ahead the actual merchandise. The technology was the driving force behind the entire experience. Because I make jewelry, I want people feel that they are actually immersed in the jewelry. I don’t just make cool renderings that look nothing like the final piece, but it does enough to be able to keep the inventory. Although there are many ways to render a product, it was a great coincidence that I met a friend who works at Threekit.

TS What experience has your site created for your customers? What made it different and unique?

LS: “I knew I wanted to recreate as much of the in-person experience that I could.” When clients come to my studio, I draw with them, and we discuss gemstones and diamonds. I also source diamonds. While some things may be more technical than others, the creative part is what fascinates clients. It’s also the most fun part of the process.

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“That led me to create what I call my signature design, which are used very well in the virtual studio we created with Threekit. I was clear that I did not want a mix-and-match style. It had to be well-curated and contain unique pieces. However, I was also very concerned about the sketch process. So we created this beautiful sketchpad effect while you were designing your ring em>

MU: It’s an idea of going through. On the right-hand side of the screen it looks like a sketch for the ring. It’s modeling what Lindsey would do in the studio, as you configure various parts of your ring, regardless of whether it’s rose gold, gold or platinum. What kind of stone? What kind of shape? What about the setting? The setting? The drawing does a good job showing you what the ring would look like in the studio, but now you can actually see the whole ring .”

LS: “I’ll admit it’s a little contradictory, or maybe counter to the usual ecommerce experience. I want them to spend as much time on this page as possible. They shouldn’t just click through and go to the cart. I want them to think carefully and make as many .”

TS How has this impacted shoppers?

LS: “It has been very interesting. We launched December 1, which was a very crazy time of the year. We have seen that this is not your typical ecommerce shopping experience. Clients log on to the platform, and instead of clicking “Let’s add it to my cart and check out,” because my prices are high and it’s a significant emotional investment, they contact us the regular way. They will email us, call us, or come to the studio and convert.

It’s done exactly what I asked it to do. It brings beautiful rings to my clients who live in New York. We also get to know our customers as we enjoy. I was also impressed by the halo effect. This is something that I didn’t expect to see in our custom business, which includes one-of-a-kind pieces. It is moving in a very positive direction this year. It’s been a great help, especially after the pandemic. It’s just a matter of making the website look more professional and giving visitors an immersive experience using the virtual studio em>

TS How would you help others to understand the value of creating an innovative shopping experience for their business?

LS: “For myself, it was a decision I had to make. As I mentioned, it’s a small company in New York. I live in the Diamond District and compete with 1000 other people next door. So, I couldn’t resist finding a way to make my designs available to a wider audience. Add to that, when I first spoke to Threekit, it wasn’t before the pandemic. So this was going to be an expansion. Then, when the pandemic hit, I thought, “Well, I don’t own an ecommerce company and can’t bring people to my studio anymore. I need to create this.” This is .’

“For anyone else, I would really get to know what type of experience you are looking for and ensure that it aligns with the product you sell. Jewelry is a broad category. It’s still a broad category. There are luxury brands that haven’t yet mastered ecommerce. And then there are those brands that have dedicated their entire business to ecommerce. It feels like I’m somewhere in the middle, but it’s not. Anyone else would do well to look at the DNA of your company and see how you can expand it em>

MU: I’m a marketer, and I ask my team members “Hey. What is the ROI of this activity? I know from experience that it can be difficult to see ROI if you look only at ROI. If you say, “Hey, you’re only going in AdWords,” then you end up asking your team, “Hey. The frog in the boiling kettle, right? You keep increasing the temperature over time and the frog will jump out of the boiling pot. However, it won’t if the temperature is too slow. Everyone knows that innovation is key to success. If you don’t innovate, and you keep pushing the lowest and most clear ROI button, you will run into problems.

“This visual world is still in its early stages, but it is showing high ROI for people like Lindsey Scoggins and dozens of other brands. It is a popular platform that platforms like Shopify, Facebook, and Apple invest heavily in, and you can get started at a very low cost.

We encourage everyone to start. Start small with just one product. It is worth it. Because people love it, you will see a return on your investment. Shoppers love to interact — this is something we’ve been discussing for years — and then you can grow. In the past two years, we haven’t lost one customer because they’re saying, “This isn’t working.” ‘”