Tips for High-Quality DIY Products Photos

High-quality photos are no longer an option for retailers. 90% of information sent to our brains is visual. No matter how detailed the product description, the quality and presentation of the photo can determine whether or not a sale is made.

  • Use your Smartphone.While a high-quality camera is helpful, it is not essential. High-quality photos of product can be taken on your smartphone, particularly if it’s a newer model.
  • Opt for a white backdrop. An affordable backdrop can be purchased online or at your local drugstore. The same applies. No matter what backdrop you choose, make sure to pick pure white over off-white.
  • Outdoor Lighting:. To get the perfect amount of soft light, shoot mid-morning or on an overcast day.
  • When possible, use natural light. Natural light is your friend, even if you don’t have professional lighting. If you can’t shoot outside, consider placing your set next to a large windows that receive plenty of natural sunlight.
  • Buy a Clip-on LenseA clip-on lense is a great tool for taking close-up photos of product details without causing distortions.
  • Include Lifestyle shots.Studio or “solo shots” of each product with a white background are a must. However, you should also capture images of your products in action. These photos will be great for marketing and social media.
  • Take photos from multiple angles. Take photos of every item from all angles. Before purchasing, customers will want to view the product from all angles.
  • Display Multiple SizesTake photos of apparel that are representative of a range sizes if you plan to sell it. Customers want to see your products on someone similar to them.
  • Zoom Out. It is tempting to zoom in on close-up photos. However, this can reduce the quality of your photos and result in blurrier photos. Instead, simply take the photo as normal and then crop it later.
  • Use a table.Your backdrop will look better if it is on a table than on the ground.

What are your photos saying? You can make your website and social media pages more appealing by updating the photos.

How to win a customer for life

It can be difficult for many online sellers to get their website seen by potential buyers. It is becoming more difficult and competitive to optimize SEO. Larger companies are often preferred. Although social media promotion offers greater visibility, it comes at a high cost and the landscape is very crowded. You want to make sure that once you have a customer, you do everything possible to turn them into loyal customers.

These are seven tips to help you win a customer for the rest of your life.


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1. Show Customer Reviews

Nishant Shah, founder and CEO ofBannerBuzzCustomer reviews are an important part of the shopping experience. Make sure your reviews section is detailed and includes pictures of customers, if possible. Also include glowing testimonials. It is hard to find a better way to inspire customers to return to your brand than hearing positive reviews about it from other people. Customers can be skeptical about companies’ claims about their products but will respond more to the opinions of friends and family about them.

2. To build trust, use content

Hassan Alnassir founder and owner ofPremium JoyRegular blog posts are a great way to keep your customers returning to your website between orders. An active blog can help you encourage customers to return to your site after they have placed an order. Every week, you can write informative blog posts that will give your customers a reason to return to your site and maybe make a purchase.

3. Hire Quality Customer Service Employees

Dave Munson, founder and CEO ofSaddleback LeatherHe believes that people who care about helping others make a big difference in his customer service team’s success. We only hire people who truly care about people. Interviews include the question, “Tell me about your volunteer experience or volunteering experiences.” If someone cares enough about people to give their time, caring for others and being interested in them is natural.

Dave takes a different approach when providing customer service via the telephone. While traditional call centers are focused on efficiency, Dave encourages employees to spend time with customers to establish rapport. We try to spend as much time as possible with our customers on the phone. Many call centers reward and measure how quickly they get people off the phone. We do the reverse. Average call time is 5 minutes.

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4. Use high-quality packaging

Tony MundinOyster Retail PackagingIt is important to make a good first impression when selling online. “Companies often think they can skip packaging their products since it’s destined to be thrown away. The unboxing experience should be as fun as the product itself.

Tony warns that if the packaging is not of high quality and the customer experience isn’t enjoyable, you’re just another company to them. You can improve the materials and design, or add a personal note. Packaging is the first interaction you have with customers so make sure it’s a positive one.

5. 5.

Dave from Saddleback Leather recommends that each shipment include a personal note. We randomly write personal notes on leather and stick them in their boxes. You can see that we have lots of scrap leather. I don’t want to throw it away. Our finishers inspect the bags twice and box them. I asked them to leave a note if they felt so. This is a great idea that customers love. I am the owner. I also occasionally write personal notes on leather. These notes are then shared on social media and passed around the office.

Jeff Moriarty is the owner of an independent jewellery boutiqueTanzanite Jewelry DesignsIt is also recommended to personalize each order. Our family runs a small jewelry company with one location in person and an online store. We wanted to ensure that our customers are loyal customers because they spend over $1,000 each. We created a postcard application to do this.

Jeff suggests, “We have an automated system that sends a card to customers 4 weeks after they place an order online or visit the store and make a payment. It is more of a thank-you and a coupon to save next time they shop with me. These codes and coupons have been used by many customers. They also love the postcard that they received. This makes us stand out from our competitors and keeps our customers coming back for more.

6. It’s not the products, it’s all about the experience

The retail market is competitive today. Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever. Shoppers can find similar products from many shops. Customers aren’t necessarily loyal to your products but to the shopping experience they have with you.

Adam Tishman was one of the cofounders ofHelixTellsIndependent retailerYou must remember that customers buy both the products and the experience they receive. Adam also says that accessibility is crucial. Customers want to talk with someone face-to-face via phone, chat, and email. He says that talking with customers “humanizes your company.” But, he adds, “It doesn’t stop with purchase!” After they have purchased, the key to retaining customers for life is to keep them in your care. Continue to nurture them with content and feedback.”

Mark Aselstine, founder ofUncorked AdventuresAn online gift basket and wine club retailer, e-commerce company ‘The Gift Basket Shop’, says shipping is a key part of the customer experience. Mark says that product must be shipped as soon as possible after it is ordered. “We could wait for a week when we opened our first store a decade ago and nobody noticed. What’s the difference? Now?

7. 7.

Deborah Sweeney is the CEO ofMyCorporation.comRetailers should use email to keep customers happy, says a spokesperson. Many businesses are hesitant to use email because they fear customers might get upset and unsubscribe. However, 20% of revenue is the source of most companies’ revenues. You can use the customer email addresses that you have gathered to create newsletters or e-blasts for customers to keep them informed about new products and upcoming sales. It’s a risk worth taking, but the rewards are great in being able keep long-term customers for your business.

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We have outlined this in our guideHow to Sell More ApparelIn the February 2019 issue you will see that a small percentage of your revenue comes primarily from customers. These customers are your raving fans. These tips will help you convert more passive online shoppers to raving fans.