Top Ecommerce Web Sites Ranked by Consumers

AspectivaA technology company that specializes in online analysis for retailers used artificial intelligence tools to survey more than 75,000 people on over 40 ecommerce websites to create a report about the state of online shopping. Aspectiva was able to identify the characteristics of each retailer that customers loved and resented the most using AI technology.

Aspectiva’s analysis revealed that Barnes & Noble was ranked as the top ecommerce website in the United States. Customers of Barnes & Noble praised their speed, pricing, and ease-of-use when navigating the site. However, Barnes & Noble coupons were rated as difficult to use and of short duration by shoppers.

Gap was ranked second on this list, followed closely by Wayfair and L.L.Bees. Bean ranked fourth. Costco was the fifth company in the list. Costco was highly rated for its excellent prices and customer service. Target ranked sixth, while Amazon ranked seventh. Poor packaging and order issues were negatively cited. Abercrombie & Fitch ranked eighth, while ranked ninth. Apple’s high prices, and customer complaints about the iPhone, lowered their overall rating. Home Depot was ranked number ten.

The list of retailers was broken down by customer preferences and likes. Wayfair was ranked the highest for value, Walmart highest for deals, Macy’s highest for products and Abercrombie & Fitch the highest for quality. It is important for retailers to note that customers most often rate great prices, good customer service, and great offers when they leave a positive review.

Consumers frequently complained about poor customer service when leaving negative reviews on ecommerce sites. Rakuten and Urban Outfitters were the most common names mentioned. Dell was also ranked amongst those who received the worst service. High prices were another common complaint for Nordstrom and Apple. Overstock and Newegg customers frequently complained about damaged or missing products.

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Ezra Daya (CEO & co-founder at Aspectiva) commented on the overall findings of the company: “While the rise in online shopping presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers,” he said. However, the expectations of shoppers have dramatically increased. Today’s consumers expect an intuitive online shopping experience. Consumers today are more open than ever to sharing their opinions online. UGC is now a key part of the research phase for ecommerce.

Engaging Product Descriptions can Increase Sales

Product descriptions are critical for online sellers. They can boost or decrease sales. Descriptions must communicate the product’s physical attributes to potential customers, including its dimensions, colors, and materials. However, descriptions alone are not enough. You must sell your product, not just describe it to customers. Your online product page should be as effective as a sales associate in a physical shop. These tips will help you create a compelling and effective product description.

To Whom Are You Talking?

Who is your target audience? Who will be buying this product? Think about your ideal customer. What are their likes and dislikes? What interests do they have? It’s much easier to talk to your ideal customer once you have a clear understanding of the person reading your description. Avoid using generalizations such as “excellent customer service” or “superior quality.” Nearly all companies will say that their products and services are excellent. Use phrases that offer tangible numbers or details that provide something for the consumer. You can use phrases like “patentable design” or “representatives available 24/7 to answer your questions” to replace “excellent customer service” and “superior quality.”








Benefits Tell , Features Sell

Many product descriptions are product-centric. They emphasize the features of the product rather than what it can do for consumers. These pages should be user-centric and offer readers clear takeaways. Each descriptor should provide a benefit. You can use a descriptor like “Genuine handmade leather for long comfort,” “Stain- and water resistant for durability wear,” or “Rubberoutsole for ultimate wet/dry traction.” This will make your products stand out from the rest and increase confidence among shoppers.

Optimize for SEO

Higher search engine results will result in more traffic. Higher traffic means higher sales. Search engines care most about its users and how they experience it. This means that search engines are concerned with connecting users to the best sites for their needs. All of this is connected to the notion of being customer-centric. Think about what words and phrases someone would type into a search bar to find your product. These phrases should be included in your product description page. The phrases should be useful and helpful to your readers above all else.


You can say that your product is excellent. Consumers will be more impressed if others say so. You can build credibility for your brand or product by including testimonials, media mentions or reviews online on the same page with the product. Shoppers can feel and see the product through reviews. Most online shoppers will look at reviews before making a purchase. You can streamline the shopping experience by having reviews on your site. This will also reduce the chance that shoppers leave your website to shop at a competitor.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Your page will be remembered for longer if it is visually appealing. It doesn’t matter how well you write a description, with all the consumer reviews and media recommendations, if your page lacks visual interest, it will not be very effective. Most web users only skim through content until they find something that interests them. Few people actually read every word. It is important to break down content with bullets, subheadings and images.

Don’t forget spellcheck! It is easy to lose credibility by making simple typos or grammatical mistakes. Your product description page can be a sales representative by clearly describing who your target audience is, what they want, and the benefits they will get from your product. It is important to package it in a format that is clear and easy to understand. Shoppers will feel more confident about you and your company by clicking “Submit Order.”

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