Why printing on demand is (probably) the fastest way to sell T-shirts

Why printing on demand is (probably) the fastest way to sell T-shirts

T-shirts are a popular product for businesses that use print off demand. T-shirts are versatile and popular with consumers. They can also be used as a canvas for many designs. By 2025, the custom t-shirt printing market is expected to reach $10 million.

The market is vast, but there is fierce competition. It’s crucial to identify the best print on-demand companies to partner with, to create designs customers love, and to learn strategies to increase conversions.

Print on Demand Shirts for Sale

Printful offers print-on-demand shirts and more than 270 products. This is a great option to launch your online t-shirt company. There are no minimum orders or upfront fees. It can be integrated with Shopify and third-party marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon. Printful allows you to create custom-branded packaging, and it also offers fulfillment and warehousing services.

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There are many t-shirt styles to choose from, including the classic t-shirt, as well as more creative options such as polo shirts or tank tops.

  • Average fulfillment timeShirts and other apparel orders can be fulfilled within two to seven business day, while non-apparel items take between two and five business days. After fulfillment, most orders are shipped within five days.
  • Shipping address: Toronto (Canada); Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, NC; Tijuana Mexico; Dallas TX
  • Tees at a low price: $7.95
  • Mockup generator:Yes
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify; WooCommerce, Prestashop and Shipstation; Wix. Launch Cart; 3dcart. Ecwid. Webflow. Etsy. Amazon; Storenvy. Weebly. Square. Wish
  • Branding:Packaging made to order;Packaging inserts

Printify offers more than 300 print on-demand products. Shirts are one example. You can choose from a range of tees and tanks as well as hoodies in a variety colors. Shopify, Etsy and eBay are all possible integrations.

Before you commit to Printify, order samples to ensure that you are satisfied with the design. Printify has over 90 printers around the world, making it ideal for international sellers. The average fulfillment time of each supplier can be viewed as well.

  • Average fulfillment timeMost orders are shipped within 2-7 business days.
  • Shipping address: Australia and Canada, Czech Republic. Germany. Latvia.
  • Tees at a low pricePrice: $6.55
  • Mockup generator:Yes
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, Etsy and BigCommerce. BigCommerce. BigCommerce. Wix. WooCommerce. Printify API.
  • Branding: Available from selected sellers

Easy Print on Demand

Shopify and Etsy have AOP+ Easy print on Demand, which allows you to access more than 200 products that can be printed-on-demand. AOP+ is unique because it’s the manufacturer, so you can collaborate with it to create custom shirts. This is especially useful for white labeling.

AOP+ has three plans available: $11.99/month for $0, $19.99/month for $19.99, and $19.99/month for $19.99. AOP+ offers three different plans: AOP+ Free Users get unlimited product designs, all AOP standard products and paid subscribers have access to more product variety as well as additional branding options.

  • Average fulfillment timeProduction can take three to five business day and shipping times vary depending on where you are located. Orders to the USA take between one and two weeks. Orders to the UK take around a week. Other international destinations can take anywhere from one up to seven weeks.
  • Shipping addressLondon, United Kingdom; The Netherlands
  • Tees at a low pricePrice: $8.99
  • Mockup generatorNo
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, Etsy ShipStation Stripe, Payoneer
  • BrandingPackaging slips, packaging inserts, branded stickers and labels


Apliiq offers a wide range of products, including a variety of shirts, just like other print-on demand services. Standard t-shirts, tank tops, and tie dye tops are all available. Depending on which type of shirt you choose, there are up to 30 colors available.

Private labeling, woven tags and embroidery are all options. Ordering samples is free and you can test it before making a larger commitment. Apliiq offers bulk discounts up to 55% if you love Apliiq’s shirts.

  • Average fulfillment timeMost orders are shipped within one week.
  • Shipping addressLos Angeles, CA; Philadelphia PA
  • Tees at a low price: $3
  • Mockup generatorNo
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, WooCommerce
  • BrandingPrivate Label Options: There are many options available


Teelaunch offers print-on-demand for a variety of products, including different types shirts. There are many styles to choose from, including t-shirts and tank tops for men and women, as well as sweatshirts and long-sleeved tees and long-sleeve tees for women. There are also youth, toddler and baby shirts. The size and color availability of shirts varies. Many styles come in S-5XL sizes, with 20+ color options. Some styles allow double-sided printing.

Teelaunch requires a Shopify account. However, you can also sell your products on Etsy and Amazon. The app is free to use, and although it does not offer samples, you are entitled to a 25% discount each 30 days.

  • Average fulfillment timeOrders are ready for shipping within three to six business day. However, this can take longer during peak seasons when orders processing takes nine to twelve business days.
  • Shipping addressUS, Canada, UK
  • Tees at a low price: $5
  • Mockup generatorNo
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, Etsy
  • BrandingNo


Shopify’s print-on-demand app SPOD offers more than 100 products. It also has a variety of shirt styles to suit all ages, including children, adults, and babies. To quickly see what products are available in a particular color or size, you can filter your search using color and size.

SPOD offers a customizer tool that allows customers to personalize products directly from their Shopify store. The app offers over 50k designs for free if you don’t want to design your own.

  • Average fulfillment time: 48 hours
  • Shipping address: Europe and North America
  • Tees at a low pricePrice: $6.71
  • Mockup generator:Yes
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify
  • BrandingPackaging


CustomCat’s print on-demand services allow you to choose from 70 styles of t-shirts as well as button-ups and tank tops. You can also order sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, tank tops, sweatshirts and tank-tops. The style of shirt will vary in size and availability. Some styles offer more than 20 colors and come in XS-3XL sizes.

CustomCat integrates with your Shopify and WooCommerce shops as well as Etsy and BigCommerce stores. It also allows you to send orders directly through its API or upload a CSV file. CustomCat is free to set up an account. Shopify users will need to pay $30 per month or CustomCat Lite which costs $2 per item.

  • Average fulfillment timeShipping usually takes between two and six business days.
  • Shipping addressDetroit, MI
  • Tees at a low cost: $7
  • Mockup generatorNo
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, Etsy and BigCommerce. WooCommerce. CustomCat API.
  • BrandingNo


T-Pop, a French-based eco-conscious print-on-demand company, is based in France. There are a variety of shirts for men, women, kids and unisex sizes. Most products are made from organic cotton. T-Pop is committed to the environment and ships with no plastic. Designs are printed using vegan eco-certified inks.

T-Pop allows you to include your logo on packages and create fully customizable packing slips. You can also send TPop any package-ins, such as flyers, promotional items, stickers, etc. T-Pop can either be used to place orders directly or integrate with your WooCommerce or Etsy store.

  • Average fulfillment timeProduction can take up to four business days, while shipping times vary depending on where you are located. Delivery time is between two and three business days in France, three-10 business days in Europe, and five-14 business days for orders to America.
  • Shipping addressFrance
  • Tees at a low costEUR12,20
  • Mockup generatorNo
  • Integrations into EcommerceShopify, WooCommerce and Etsy
  • BrandingPackaging slips and packaging inserts

How to design your print-on demand shirts

There are many options when it comes to designing the shirt’s visual design. Each option is different and each one has its own difficulty. There are also options for those who don’t consider themselves artistic or design-savvy.

It can be made by you

If you are a creative person, it is possible to design your own shirt graphics. Perhaps you are a graphic designer or artist with a specific design in mind. You might also want to print-on-demand products with your logo or other visual identity. Print-on-demand allows you to select the types of shirts that you would like to have your logo printed on and how you would like them to be printed.

Get design templates

Online t-shirt templates and mockups can be used to guide you through the design process. For templates and design elements that you can include in your products, check out places such as Tshirt Factory and Creative Market.

Hiring someone

Outsourcing is a great option for those who can’t or don’t want the responsibility of creating their own shirt designs. Talented designers can create unique designs for your shirts. Look for Shopify Experts to find top designers who can help you realize your vision.

How to sell print on demand t-shirts

Identifying your niche is the first step in selling print-on-demand shirts. You will be able to appeal to the specific needs and wants of your customers when you choose a niche market. You might choose one of these shirt printers to satisfy your customers.

After you have identified your niche and chosen your printer, validate your ideas in order to ensure there is demand for your product. Create an online store to test out what works and what does not. Flexibility is one of the best things about a shirt-on-demand business. It is possible to launch new designs and test them at any time, without having to invest in large quantities of new stock.