WooCommerce Tech Stack – Development Pro Cody Landefeld

It’s always a pleasure to meet entrepreneurs from WooCommerce. Although they come from all walks of life, they share one thing: a passion for helping others grow their businesses.

Cody Landefeld resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He is the Director of Mode Effect, which is a digital agency that specializes in WooCommerce as well as WordPress. After more than a decade of experience in the industry, Cody founded the agency in 2010. He now leads a team that includes developers, strategists and copywriters.

Cody shared with us his personal life as a family leader, sneakerhead, tweeter junkie and vinyl collector. Cody has a varied job and interests so we didn’t just talk about Woo. We also talked about Cody’s personal and professional tech stacks — the software and apps, podcasts and social media platforms that he uses to make his life easier, more fun and inspiring.

Q. Does tech power every aspect of your life?

My technology use must be separated. I use the computer only for work during my work day. I am also away from my computer when I’m not at work. I will even watch YouTube on the TV. It’s important to make clear distinctions and draw a line.

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To get me started each morning, I enjoy breakfast, reading the Bible, listening to podcasts in the car, then getting to work. My Bible is a physical Bible. It’s distracting if it’s not a book. Sometimes I fail to not look at my phone while I work. I just finished 12 Ways Your Smartphone Is Changing You. It asks me the question: “Do you control or do you let your phone control your life?”

Q. Q. Are you active on social networks?

I am a Twitter addict. I say that you can get to know me best by following me on Tweet. I love to share my thoughts and listen to my community. I try to be thoughtful about what I say on Twitter.

The Bible warns against uninformed words. This is the approach I use when using Twitter. Twitter is a tool I use to share inspiration from something I read. I have also posted Tiger King memes. My Twitter feed is a mixed bag.

Q. Q.

I love sneakers. Since I was a child, I have been like this. They have been a passion of mine since childhood. However, as I grew older and had children, my income decreased. When I do have the money, I use it to buy sneakers and vinyl.

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Q. Q.

The Complex Sneakers podcast. I have never missed an episode. I also own the GOAT sneaker application. You can find every desired sneaker there, as well as all pricing. I browse, I don’t really buy much.

Q. Q. Does your music tech stack include a record player?

I am a drummer and love vinyl. Even though I work from home, I still like to listen to records throughout the day. I’m an Apple Music guy. Our office is located in the Galvanize co-working space. We have a Sonos speaker.

The Labeled podcast is my favorite podcast. It tells the behind-the scenes stories of Tooth and Nail Records (a Christian rock record company). I love the AsThe Story Growspodcast where Christian rock musicians share their stories.

Q. Q. Tell us about your company, Mode Effect.

Mode Effect was founded by me in 2010. We are a partner for eCommerce companies and enterprises who require WordPress and WooCommerce experts.

Many of our clients are very technical and have their WooCommerce businesses running. They reach out to us because they are ready to take their business to a higher level, but don’t have the technical knowledge. We don’t want to help people who are just starting out. Instead, we want to work with people who are looking to grow and transform their businesses by enhancing the digital aspect of their business.

It’s like someone who can drive their car, fill it up, change the oil, and wash it. They don’t know how to fix the “check engine” light that comes on when it happens. This is where web developers and eCommerce specialists like us step in. We’re like digital car mechanics.

Q. Q.

Because I built so many WordPress sites, I quickly became familiar with WordPress. In the early 2000’s, it was amazing to me that WordPress could be used as a fully-functional CMS. WooCommerce was the obvious choice for eCommerce. We started using WooCommerce as soon as it was available.

Q. Q.

Every online store requires Yoast. Payment gateways and shipping plugins are also essential. Product Add Ons and Flexible Pricing are great additions. They create a richer browsing experience by giving customers more options.

Email automation is essential for eCommerce. Conversion is the key. Good analytics is essential. Integration of quick lists. We are partners with ActiveCampaign and recommend them as a top email and marketing automation platform.

Q. Q. What apps are you using to manage your business?

We have settled on one set of software over the years for every area of our business. These software are just right for us.

Email is still the best medium for personal communication, as I speak to customers so frequently.

Q. Q. Do you use email more now than you did five or five years ago?

It’s more used. It’s not clear if this is a good thing or a bad thing. There are many ways to communicate which can make it difficult to keep things simple and straightforward. Everybody seems to prefer a different method of communicating.

Q. Q.

Three teenagers are my children. It’s a pleasure to spend time with them. It’s great to share common interests.

Q. Q.

I own the Nest product suite. I have the cameras and thermostats as well as the security system. I want to ensure that there is no shady business in my home.

Apple everything is my TV, phone and iPad. All of them are fully integrated into my daily life.

Q. Q.

I have control over my time. My partner will be mad at me. I love what my partner does, but I don’t like to work too much. I’m referring to the fact that I work every day of my business. I do love Fridays, however. If I want to fly and have a long weekend, I prefer being in control.