Your greatest opportunity to digitalize is your customers’ happiness

I was able to find happiness when I visited the head office of our customer a few weeks back. A microchip embedded in the wrist of one of our hosts enabled him to unlock a door. This subdermal chip could also be used to log into a photocopier or other devices. I was smitten by science fiction movies and my immediate reaction was excitement. RFID in the human body The Internet of Things and Human Element combined! The future is now!

This was something I shared with my host. How does it feel to have a chip placed under your skin? It was a little painful. It hurt a bit. With a few devices and office doors. Are you concerned about data security? It is not of any importance, as the employer provided the chip. Unauthorized remote reading of RFID chips should be considered. It is possible for hackers to get under your skin.

He seemed very excited about the microchip and smiled lots as we talked. This was a clear indication that something was right. After our conversation, I was reminded of Yuval Noah Harari’s idea in his book Homo Deus: a Brief History of Tomorrow :

Like politics and scientific research, the most important mission for business should be to increase happiness rather than reputation, wealth or prestige.

How can we create business solutions that allow customers and end-users to improve their happiness? A customer’s project is more than solving a customer problem. It requires multiple solutions to the problems that stand between the customer’s happiness and theirs.

The convenience and ease of use of connected devices and microchips are tied to the potential privacy and discomfort. These issues must be addressed in the most intelligent way. What was it that made our host happy? It was being one of the first to adopt. It was knowing that he would be part of developing something that future generations could use every day. He was happy.

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Digital business cannot improve happiness without a great user experience, and data mining. Any product or service that is to be a commercial success must have satisfactory functionality. To achieve this, you need to pay attention to the key issues underneath, such as forecast models and machine-learning systems, or combining different data sources.

Making people happy takes more. What makes customers happy? You can find it in the product’s beautiful design or feeling like a pioneer.

It is difficult to find the right mix. This requires intelligence and hard work. It is a great feeling of happiness when everything works out.